Wedding 3D Experiences

3DVirtualAfrica Ltd, is an official Matterport partner
situated in South Africa covering the African continent.

Love is a journey, not an event. The Wedding day is however the celebration of a couple’s declaration of love and affection. Capture this special day in 3D Virtual Reality and create an interactive Wedding Experience for them to remember it again and again. The experience not only encapsulates the venue, decorations and flowers but also the bride, groom and wedding guests in 3D.

By making use of interactive information points, the love journey can be explored in a new and innovative way. Stop at the first photos and video clips when the relationship just started to blossom. Travel to the engagement and excitement in planning for this special day and finally arrive on the wedding day. Special moments like the preparations, hair and make-up, arrival of the bride, walking down the isle and special messages from guests can all be included in the 3D showcase. The bride and groom can long after this special day, still experience it as if they are there in person. Use Virtual Reality goggles to enhance this trip down memory lane to the next level. Walk around “the younger you.” Marvel at how you managed to fit in your wedding dress and suit, walk down the isle all over again or remember the detail and special touches that went into the table decorations and venue set-up.

The best of all, the wedding experience can be easily shared with friends and family and can never be lost, stolen or misplaced. Revisit the day with your children in years to come and experience it again, as if it was yesterday!