Monuments & Museums

National Monuments are under a real threat of vandalism and neglect. The need arises not only to save and protect these treasures, but also to built up a database of 3D Virtual Monuments and museums. The advantages are numerous:

  • It offers an up to date inventory of museum assets.
  • Allows Museums to promote themselves virtually on social media, website and online awareness campaigns.
  • Students and vistors all over the world can “visit” and explore the museum. Most of them would never had the opportunity to have experienced the museum or monument.
  • Engage with a global audience, by inviting online visitors from around the world to explore the museum or monument on Google’s Streetview and Google Maps platform or your own website, as easily as if they were walking down the street.
  • Save a digital copy of the museum or monument in case of natural disasters or potential fire damage which may destroy irreplaceable historical buildings and artefacts.

Explore the following historical museums and monuments in 3D.