Education & Training

3D Virtual Experiences are beneficial for both the Educational and Corporate Training Environment:


Schools, Univertsities and Colleges offers an unique setting and experience for its students and parents. Truly interactive 3D Virtual experiences of educational institutions allow future attendees not only to explore the facilities as if they are there in person but also establish an emotional connection with it.

Discover how to effectively advertise the school's facilities, reach millions of views on Google Maps or how Virtual Reality can open new marketing doors for the school. Allow parents and students to marvel at the school's unique character and outstanding facilities with a 3D Virtual OPEN DAY.

By creating a 3D Virtual Experience of an educational institution, it opens it's digital doors to the world and showcase itself to parents and students alike.

1. Google Maps Integration

Integrate the 3D Showcase with the Google Street View Platform and allowing parents and students to explore the school's facilities interactively-directly from Google Maps. Also receive the benefit of increased Google views. See the statistics on the views of Afrikaans Hoër Seunskool which were scanned and integrated on Google Maps.

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2. Your Website

Showcase the 3D Virtual Showcase directly on the school's website. Embed the HTML link we provide on the institution's website and allows visitors to the website, to explore the facilities virtually. Students can celebrate their success by showing their parents and family where they sit and even their work on display. The institution can also effectively market it's facilities to the public as an additional income. The time visitors spent on a website with a 3D Virtual walk through, increase up to 3 times.

3. Desktop, Mobile & VR

The Open Day Experience can be shared anywhere and viewed on all web-based devices eg. Smartphones, tablets or computers.

Virtual Reality (VR) with a head set is an even more immersive way to experience the school.

By using a Virtual Reality tour of a school, you not only create a memorable experience for the parents but also offer them the opportunity to explore the facilities without leaving their seats. Virtual Reality tours work seamlessly with all of the major VR hardware, including Google Cardboard, Samsung Gear VR, and SmartVR. All you need is a modern smartphone and headset.

4. Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and most other popular social channels all support 3D viewing. Post the school's 3D Showcase directly onto all the school's social media platforms with an "easy to share" Url link we will provide you with. To share the school's 3D Experience is a simple and highly effective process. Create social engagement and grow the school's social database with this unique and interactive experience.


More and more corporate companies rely on 3D Virtual walk-throughs as an integral part of their induction and health and safety training. Similar to how flight simulators can train pilots, Virtual Showcases can be used to familiarise employees with potential hazardous environments for example factories, mines or oil rigs.

It is also beneficial as part of the induction training in large corporate companies which may be located in huge office spaces. It allows new employees to navigate themselves more effectively around the different departments, reduces work stress and increase productivity in the work place.