Insurance & Property Claims

Reduce Insurance Risk and Fraud with a 3D Inventory

All claims and high ticket insured items can now be verified with the immersive 3D Inventory.

The condition and dimensions of each item can be determent at the commencement of the policy.

  • Mattertags or Info points can be applied with additional specifications and information on each item.
  • Videos can be uploaded where relevant and linked to each item to support the value proposition of high-end items.
  • Claims can be verified against the actual original product, reducing risk of insurance fraud.
  • Allow Assessors to walk through the property as if they are in the house.
  • Differentiate the Insurance options from competitors in the market.
  • View the Inventory online with a URL link on multiple devices.
  • Take 360° Views to record outdoor features to be insured.
  • Take measurements with 99% accuracy.
  • Capture and download 2D Snapshots.

Reduce Risk in Disaster Areas:

Properties damaged by fire, floods or other natural or man-made disasters, may cause a substantial safety hazard to assessors. By making use of a 3D Virtual scan, these properties can be assessed remotely without the increased risk to personal safety. The 3D showcase can be easily shared with the relevant parties, expert advise can be gained and the claim process can be handled in a professional and safe manner. The 3D Showcase also provides visual evidence in the case of any disputes or conflicting information.