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Virtual Tours Help Double Interest in Business Listings

Businesses with a 3D virtual tour are twice as likely to have customers interested in making an online purchase or to visit the store in person. Among 18-34 year olds in particular, prospects are 130% more likely to book or visit a showroom based on a virtual tour. Traditional retail shops and showrooms predominantly rely on customers through their doors. Statistics show that the retail industry are more and more threatened by the online giants like Takelot and Amazon. Retail stores and showrooms can now compete on the same turf by revolutionising their online digital marketing, taking their store to the customer.

Be Everywhere Your Customers Are

A 3D Virtual showcase offers the most immersive online experience of your brand, ambiance, and unique offerings. Engage with a global audience and win more business by inviting online visitors from around the world to explore your store or showroom on Google’s platform or your own website, as easily as if they were walking down the street.

Matterport has Partnered with Google to Bring 3D Virtual Spaces to the Google Street View Platform.

3D Virtual showcases gives you everything you need to market your business online & attract more customers. In one single shoot, you’ll get a Google-ready virtual tour, high resolution 2D photography, cutting-edge 3D experiences, and other shareable assets to use on your website. Plus access to a syndication network that puts your establishment front-and-center where it counts - on Google.

Drive Traffic from Google to Your Website. Reap the search benefits of interactive 3D and boost your visibility by enhancing your Google Business Listing and increasing time-on-page. Not only can customers explore your retail store and showroom as if they are there in person, but they can also learn more from your products than just browsing through the store. With strategic digital promotions, information points with product specs, “how to” videos and online booking links, can be placed on your best-selling product lines or highlighting your most popular brands. Customers can now explore your store, marvel at your products and purchase directly online. It will also entice customers from slightly further afield to make the journey to the store and you can easily be contacted from the store contact details included in the showcase.